Planning the year 2021 amid pandemic

We are standing in the last quarter of the year 2020. This year has been very difficult for the whole world. We did not know how to react to these weird situations. We did not know how to be efficient and productive in this pandemic. Something similar happened around 100 years back. I am referring to the Spanish Flu. So, we have not faced anything similar in our lives.Some were able to be productive in these unusual situations and some were not. And it’s completely okay because situation was (or is) very unusual.

But, now we have data of around 7-8 months roughly. We may plan our upcoming year accordingly. It’s not sure when would we get the vaccine. But, we know how can we mitigate the risk of getting corona virus by wearing mask, maintain social distancing and sanitizing our hands frequently. We know when it is necessary to go out and when it is not. We may explore multiple things digitally. And, it’s the right time to analyze the year 2020 and plan something good for us for the year 2021.

All the best!